Finger Biscuits

Finger Biscuits

by Yijiang Ice Cream Baking

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Biscuits don’t have to be dry cakes, but they can also be eaten by little babies. This finger biscuit can also be decorated with various shapes of chocolate and candies.


Finger Biscuits

1. Weigh all kinds of raw materials

Finger Biscuits recipe

2. Separate the egg white and egg yolk in two clean containers

Finger Biscuits recipe

3. Add sugar to the egg yolk and beat until the sugar melts

Finger Biscuits recipe

4. Add sugar to the egg whites in 3 times and beat with a whisk until dry and foamy

Finger Biscuits recipe

5. Preheat the oven at 180 degrees to mix the egg white and egg yolk paste, quickly stir evenly with a spatula, then sift in the low powder and milk powder, continue to mix until there is no dry powder

Finger Biscuits recipe

6. Put the egg paste into the piping bag, squeeze it into the mold, and the height is 1cm. After squeezing, put it in the oven and bake for 15-20 minutes until the surface is colored.

Finger Biscuits recipe

7. Let cool and demould after baking

Finger Biscuits recipe

8. Melt the chocolate in water, and stick it on one end of the finger biscuit before it has set. You can also prepare some cute chocolate molding molds in advance, use oily pigments and white chocolate to adjust to various colors to make the shape chocolate decorations, and then stick them on the biscuits. Meimei da finger biscuits are ready

Finger Biscuits recipe


The egg white container must be oil-free and water-free, so that it is easier to beat the egg batter. The technique should be quick and light to avoid defoaming.


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