Carrot Nut Bread

Carrot Nut Bread

by Burnt Apple

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The nutrition of carrot is well known. It has an unpleasant appearance. If I eat it alone, it is absolutely unacceptable. I want to add it to bread and make it into a similar shape. It is wonderful with maple syrup. It does not make a smooth skin. In order to create its rough and ordinary appearance, to make it look appetizing, it is topped with melted rich silky chocolate, sprinkled with a handful of mashed nuts and dried berries, which instantly enhances the visual enjoyment and makes the taste level. It is richer, and at the same time adds some colorful flavors to health.

Carrot Nut Bread

1. Wash the carrots, peel them, and use a grater to cut out a small portion for use, about 25 grams

Carrot Nut Bread recipe

2. Cut the remaining carrots into small pieces. If it is too hard to stir, add a little water. As long as the carrot puree is equal to 200 grams, then use an ACA handheld mixer to stir the carrots into puree at medium speed.

Carrot Nut Bread recipe

3. Use the post-oil method to pour all the dough materials except butter into the kneading bucket. Keep the yeast away from the liquid, and dig out the yeast in the flour.

Carrot Nut Bread recipe

4. After the start of mixing for 20 minutes, add the softened and cut butter, and mix the dough again for about 20 minutes. You can check whether the dough can pull out a film that is not easy to tear, put it in a larger container, and cover it. plastic wrap

Carrot Nut Bread recipe

5. Ferment the dough to 2-2.5 times the size, smooth and not easy to shrink

Carrot Nut Bread recipe

6. Take out the fermented dough, vent it, and divide it into 8-10 equal parts. Use a spatula to directly shape the dough into a carrot-like shape. The surface does not need to be too smooth, more like a rough carrot skin.

Carrot Nut Bread recipe

7. After shaping, all small doughs are placed in a non-stick baking pan at intervals. If it is not a non-stick baking pan, spread greased paper

Carrot Nut Bread recipe

8. Carry out secondary fermentation to 1-1.5 times the size, the dough can be made longer when shaping, and the finished product is closer

Carrot Nut Bread recipe

9. There is no need to brush the egg mixture. The oven is preheated at 170 degrees, and the oven is baked for 20 minutes. The space of the oven is large. I bake it in two layers. The upper and lower baking trays in the middle are turned over.

Carrot Nut Bread recipe

10. Put the baked carrot buns until the hands are not hot

Carrot Nut Bread recipe

11. When the bread is cool, mash the nuts with a masher, and cut the dried cranberries into small pieces with kitchen scissors. Remember not to mash all the nuts too finely, so they are beautifully decorated.

Carrot Nut Bread recipe

12. Put the chocolate into two bowls separately. Melt the warm water to a smooth and shiny state. Keep in mind that the water temperature should not be high, as the chocolate will lose its oiliness and agglomeration.

Carrot Nut Bread recipe

13. At this time, when the bread is almost at the temperature of your hands, just do your best. Pour the chocolate sauce on the bread. Don't spread it all over, only part of the bread. Then sprinkle a handful of dried berries with nuts.

Carrot Nut Bread recipe

14. The bread to be eaten is drizzled with chocolate sauce and sprinkled with nuts. When the chocolate is slightly solidified, eat it. If it is summer, the chocolate will melt more easily. When you want to eat the bread, add chocolate sauce and sprinkle with nuts.

Carrot Nut Bread recipe

15. Finally, let’s make the styling, with some coriander, is it very similar and looks more attractive

Carrot Nut Bread recipe


1. If there is no maple syrup, use honey instead;
2. The divided dough does not need to be flattened or smoothed, and directly formed into a carrot shape, the surface is slightly rough and more realistic;
3. This time, my dough is more rounded. It is recommended that you can make it into a long shape. The effect is better. Of course, the shape is what you like;
4. The chocolate is up to your personal taste, you can use milk chocolate, white or dark chocolate, as long as you like, the same is true for dried nuts and berries;
5. The temperature of the oven is adjusted appropriately according to the temperament of the oven.


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