Singles Day Finger Cookies

Singles Day Finger Cookies

by _Light and heat_

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The light, the Ming also. The stick is straight. Bachelors are upright and upright.
I don’t know when November 11 has become a holiday. It is a joke, but it is not like a real joke. The “tradition” of eating stick biscuits on Singles’ Day comes from South Korea. The slender biscuits are shaped like the number “1” and are given by girls to boys. However, this holiday didn't take long. It seems that it has become almost the same as Valentine's Day. Men and women can express their hearts to each other. The purpose of Singles Day is not to keep the sticks alone. Stripping is the kingly way.
Pulling weeds for stick biscuits is also one of my many wishes, but I have been unable to decide which biscuit dough to use. In recent years, there have been very few butter biscuits, so I wanted to make it more thorough and make a butter-free version of Alabang.
Without much to say, start work immediately. Alabang, the fan of Singles’ Day too.

Singles Day Finger Cookies

1. Pour the powdered sugar into the beaten egg mixture and stir evenly (white sugar is also acceptable, but it must be stirred until the sugar is completely melted);

Singles Day Finger Cookies recipe

2. Sift the flour into the egg liquid;

Singles Day Finger Cookies recipe

3. Knead into a uniform dough;

Singles Day Finger Cookies recipe

4. Put the dough into a fresh-keeping bag and roll it into a sheet of about 0.5mm;

Singles Day Finger Cookies recipe

5. Tear the fresh-keeping bag and cut the dough sheet into strips;

Singles Day Finger Cookies recipe

6. Carefully move into the baking tray;

Singles Day Finger Cookies recipe

7. Oven at 180℃, middle level, upper and lower fire, bake for 25 minutes;

Singles Day Finger Cookies recipe

8. After melting the chocolate in water, spread the chocolate liquid over 2/3 of the surface of the arabar, leaving 1/3 of the space;

Singles Day Finger Cookies recipe

9. Garnish with pumpkin seeds;

Singles Day Finger Cookies recipe

10. Garnish with chopped walnuts;

Singles Day Finger Cookies recipe

11. then! ! Here comes the point! ! ! My mother helped me think of a super invincible way to dry chocolate between Cow A and Cow C. Speaking of this drying rack, it seems to be older than me.

Singles Day Finger Cookies recipe


Finally, I harvested 4 kinds of finger biscuits: pure dark chocolate glaze, chocolate + walnut chopped, chocolate + pumpkin seed, chocolate + whole pumpkin seed.
The biscuits have been packaged, but not for confession, but for a friend who loves chocolate. Chocolate is always a dessert full of positive energy.


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