Colorful Rice Cakes

Colorful Rice Cakes

by Xiao Jiang 🏇

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Colorful Rice Cakes

1. Prepare materials.

Colorful Rice Cakes recipe

2. Cut the colorful noodles into sections and put them in boiling water, cook until half cooked, remove the water and drain.

Colorful Rice Cakes recipe

3. Beat the egg whites into the noodles and stir evenly.

Colorful Rice Cakes recipe

4. Then ➕2 tablespoons chicken floss➕1 tablespoon shrimp floss➕starch, stir well.

Colorful Rice Cakes recipe

5. Prepare a square bowl, brush a layer of oil in the bowl, spread the noodles in the bowl, and then compact.

Colorful Rice Cakes recipe

6. Then spread the egg yolk on the surface and scrape it evenly.

Colorful Rice Cakes recipe

7. Steam for 15 minutes on the pot.

Colorful Rice Cakes recipe

8. Slice after steaming.

Colorful Rice Cakes recipe


Baby Lab: I will teach you a magic trick today. Chop the purple cabbage and put it in the water. The cabbage will be dark purple in the water. (If you feel slow, you can squeeze the purple cabbage into juice by adding water)
Experiment 1: Add proper amount of vinegar-purple water turns red. Experiment 2: Add proper amount of baking soda-purple water turns blue.
The discoloration of purple cabbage juice is due to the action of anthocyanins in the cells of purple cabbage.
Anthocyanins are water-soluble plant pigments and flavonoids. The color of anthocyanins changes due to different pH levels. The cell sap is acidic and tends to be reddish, while the cell sap is alkaline and tends to be bluish.


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