Curry Stew

Curry Stew

by Danxia 4462

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Children especially like curry, so today I will use gluten meatballs and potatoes for a pot of stew, which is delicious and served.


Curry Stew

1. Prepare ingredients, potatoes, peeled gluten, and cut tofu into small pieces for later use.

Curry Stew recipe

2. Put ginger and garlic in the casserole.

Curry Stew recipe

3. Add gluten tofu.

Curry Stew recipe

4. Add the right amount of water.

Curry Stew recipe

5. Put in curry cubes and appropriate amount of oil and salt

Curry Stew recipe

6. Then put the potato chips in

Curry Stew recipe

7. After the potatoes are almost stewed, add the meatballs and continue to simmer.

Curry Stew recipe


The curry is better if you buy it in chunks, it can be easily stewed and tastes good


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