Delicious Chicken Soup

Delicious Chicken Soup

by Little Lotus in the Wind

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Last weekend, I used Tangbao as the bottom of the pot and stewed the lamb chops in a hot pot. The whole family enjoyed it. This week I was wondering what to make with Gumbo. My husband said that he wanted to eat chicken. Then use the chicken broth-flavored Gumbo to make chicken broth. In winter, it’s colder than winter. I would nest at home around the dining table and drink a bowl of fragrant. Is chicken soup more beautiful?


Delicious Chicken Soup

1. Half a stupid chicken, wash it with water

Delicious Chicken Soup recipe

2. Put enough drinking water in the pot, put a thick soup treasure, and bring to a boil

Delicious Chicken Soup recipe

3. Wash jujube, wolfberry, American ginseng, angelica, ginger and set aside

Delicious Chicken Soup recipe

4. When the chicken soup is cooked until the soup turns white, add the above ingredients and simmer for about 2 hours on low heat

Delicious Chicken Soup recipe

5. Finally add salt to taste, drip a few drops of sesame oil and it will be out of the pot

Delicious Chicken Soup recipe


Chicken broth is suitable for low-fire simmering, the longer it is simmered, the stronger the flavor.


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