Delicious Pheasant Soup

Delicious Pheasant Soup

by Gel bucket

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The climate in winter is cold, especially in the current season in the north. It has reached sub-zero temperature, and it is necessary to take in more nutrients through food supplements to resist the cold. It is said that the male pheasant is suitable for braising and the female pheasant soup is more nutritious. Facts have proved that the taste of the female pheasant soup is really great.


Delicious Pheasant Soup

1. Chop the pheasant into small pieces, rinse and blanch it, remove and rinse. Root and wash the fungus, cut green onion into sections, and cut ginger into large slices. Pheasant

2. Put a little vegetable oil in a wok to heat up, add chicken pieces and fry for a few minutes on medium heat, add green onion, ginger and cooking wine and fry for a while

Delicious Pheasant Soup recipe

3. Add in water and star anise without chicken nuggets and bring to a boil

4. Transfer all to the Zwilling pot, simmer for about 2 hours on medium and low heat, until the chicken pieces are rotten

5. Add fungus and salt and simmer for another 20 minutes

Delicious Pheasant Soup recipe

6. Add goji berries 5 minutes before it is out of the pot, a pot of delicious and nourishing soup is OK

Delicious Pheasant Soup recipe
Delicious Pheasant Soup recipe
Delicious Pheasant Soup recipe


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