Chicken Stew with Mushrooms in Cold Weather

Chicken Stew with Mushrooms in Cold Weather

by Hot mom loves kitchen Cherry

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In the past few days, the temperature has dropped suddenly, and it has been raining for two consecutive days, but the temperature suddenly dropped by 7 or 8 degrees. The human body still feels a little uncomfortable. I always want to find some warm food to relieve my coldness!

Before I got up in the morning, I was thinking about what to eat at noon. I thought about the reserves at home. A while ago, my relatives sent some mushrooms from the mountain. Half of the pheasant on the Mid-Autumn Festival was kept in the refrigerator, which happened to be a little chicken. Stewed mushrooms, soup and water are good for winter! The chicken stewed mushrooms in the warming dishes on cold wind and rainy days reminded of the delicious fragrance of dried mushrooms, and immediately put it into action.

Soaked mushrooms in warm water early, and half of the chicken was taken out of the refrigerator to melt. The soaking is almost ready at noon, and it's time to cook! My husband is a crazy fan of chicken stewed mushrooms, always chasing after me and let me cook for him, but the problem is that chicken is often available, and delicious mushrooms are hard to find! When I heard in the morning that I would cook chicken stew with mushrooms for him at noon, I was very happy!


Chicken Stew with Mushrooms in Cold Weather

1. Prepare the ingredients, clean the mushrooms and soak them in warm water for more than four hours, chop the chicken into pieces of appropriate size

Chicken Stew with Mushrooms in Cold Weather recipe

2. Put a proper amount of oil in the pan, which can be slightly more than usual for cooking. Add the peppercorns and fry them until the peppercorns turn black. Remove the peppercorns and throw them away.

Chicken Stew with Mushrooms in Cold Weather recipe

3. Put ginger slices in the pan, sauté fragrant, add the chicken pieces and stir fry, then add the scallions and stir fry until the chicken is fragrant

Chicken Stew with Mushrooms in Cold Weather recipe

4. Cook in an appropriate amount of light soy sauce. Continue to stir fry, so that each piece of chicken is covered with soy sauce

Chicken Stew with Mushrooms in Cold Weather recipe

5. Pour in the soaked and cleaned mushrooms, turn it over twice, add hot water to cover the chicken

Chicken Stew with Mushrooms in Cold Weather recipe

6. Bring to a boil, turn to low heat and simmer

Chicken Stew with Mushrooms in Cold Weather recipe

7. Add the sweet potato vermicelli when the chicken is basically cooked. Turn on medium heat and simmer until the vermicelli is soft and ready to be served.

Chicken Stew with Mushrooms in Cold Weather recipe


When is the chicken stewed basically cooked? Answer: Pick out a piece and taste it. It's already cooked, but it's still a bit hard to bite.
When will the vermicelli become soft when it is stewed: Answer: Pick out one and taste it without a hard core in the middle!
You can leave out chopped green onions when you eat it at home, because the green onions are already in the stew. I sprinkled some chopped green onions to embellish the photos. Now it seems that the effect is not great!
When it comes out of the pot, it is appropriate to include a part of the soup in the dish. If the soup is all the vermicelli is eaten, it will be a bit dry!
When I stew meat, I put very few seasonings. There is only one point of view that can remove the fishy smell of the meat. Putting a lot of seasonings will cover the natural taste of the dishes!


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