Pheasant Stewed Potatoes

Pheasant Stewed Potatoes

by Baby Mom's Kitchen

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This delicacy is really rare now. This kind of animal walks on the ground and can fly in emergency situations. It is a pheasant. I often saw it in the Northeast and Inner Mongolia when I went to the market in the winter many years ago, but I couldn't see it later. Someone in my hometown had bred them more than ten years ago. At that time, I could still eat wild wild eggs. They were about the same size as quail eggs, and there was no difference between eating them and quail eggs. If someone hadn't sent a pheasant this time, I wouldn't have such a blessing.
Pheasants are omnivorous animals, smaller than domestic chickens, with tighter meat and a bit fishy, so they are different from domestic chickens. In the tips at the end of the article, Bao Ma has a detailed introduction. If you want to make delicious, you really have to look good!


Pheasant Stewed Potatoes

1. Prepare the ingredients. After the pheasant is cleaned, go to the tip, feet, and lungs of the chicken belly. Slice the mushrooms with an oblique knife, cut the green onion into small sections, slice the ginger, peel the potatoes, wash and cut into pieces

Pheasant Stewed Potatoes recipe

2. The pheasant is chopped into small pieces, soaked in blood and water, cleaned, and water is controlled.

Pheasant Stewed Potatoes recipe

3. Add vegetable oil and lard to the pot, put more oil (Pheasant Hey Oil, add lard to make it more fragrant), heat the oil and add the chicken nuggets to stir fry over high heat

Pheasant Stewed Potatoes recipe

4. Stir-fry the chicken until the chicken turns yellow, but no water vapor and oil are clear

Pheasant Stewed Potatoes recipe

5. Add cooking wine, green onions, ginger slices, aniseed, stir fry over high heat, add soy sauce to blend the flavor after bursting out

Pheasant Stewed Potatoes recipe

6. Stir fry until the color is even

Pheasant Stewed Potatoes recipe

7. Pour in water that has soaked in ingredients, add shiitake mushrooms, cover with a lid and bring to a boil, then turn to medium heat and simmer for about 18 minutes

Pheasant Stewed Potatoes recipe

8. Pour the potato wedges

Pheasant Stewed Potatoes recipe

9. Add salt, cover and boil over medium heat and simmer until the potatoes are cooked through. If you like pasta, simmer for a while, if you like it, simmer less for a while

Pheasant Stewed Potatoes recipe

10. After simmering, add coriander and minced garlic to fragrant and it can be out of the pot.

Pheasant Stewed Potatoes recipe


1 The pheasant is firm and oily. Adding lard can improve the fragrance. If you don’t like to use lard, you can use pork belly instead. Braised pheasant with pork belly is more fragrant and delicious
2 There is no need to add too much shiitake mushrooms, just to improve freshness
3 Don't add too much seasoning, too much will cover up the umami taste of the pheasant, don't put salt first, first put the meat not tender
4 The final coriander and minced garlic are very flavorful, it is not recommended to omit
5 It is recommended that the potatoes be simmered. The potatoes are melted into the soup. When the color turns white, the rice in the soup is extremely delicious.


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