Wild Pheasant Soup

Wild Pheasant Soup

by Taoyuan for many people

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The food that has been greedy for a week can finally be realized today. I placed an order yesterday and arrived early this morning. The original colorful pheasant has enough game. Of course, you have to eat two chickens. The chicken slices are used for stir-fry, and the bones are of course soup! Pheasant is tender and delicious, with strong game flavor. Its protein content is as high as 30%, which is twice that of ordinary chicken and pork, and its fat content is only 0.9%, which is 1/39 of pork, 1/8 of beef, and 1/10 of chicken. Basically no cholesterol, it is a high-protein, low-fat game food. The pheasant became a royal tribute in the past. The Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty admired it after eating, and wrote the famous sentence "The name is three thousand miles in the north, and the taste is the twelve floor in the south of the Yangtze River." The pheasant is delicious and nutritious. The protein content is about 30%. It contains 18 kinds of essential amino acids and calcium, sodium, sulphur and other trace elements. The fat is only 0.9% and basically does not contain cholesterol. It is a natural wild health food, which has a variety of peculiar effects on enhancing the immune function of the human body, delaying aging, making the skin tender and healthy, etc.


Wild Pheasant Soup

1. The chickens came from SF Express. The chickens are still very fresh when they arrive home.

Wild Pheasant Soup recipe

2. Separate the chicken bones from the chicken, because I use chicken for stir-frying. This is the first time I divide the chicken bones like this. In fact, it is very simple. The chicken is mainly concentrated in the breast. The pheasant is very delicate and easy to cut!

Wild Pheasant Soup recipe

3. Prepare yam and ginger, plan yam peel and cut yam, don't touch yam, wear gloves, I am a living lesson!

Wild Pheasant Soup recipe

4. Put an appropriate amount of water in the pot, don't pour too much, pat the ginger together and cook it together!

Wild Pheasant Soup recipe

5. After the high heat water is boiled, put the chicken in the pot. After ten minutes, pour the yam down, then cook for 20 minutes on medium heat, and cook for 30 minutes on the minimum heat. When finished, add salt. Don't put too much salt, or cover it. Game

Wild Pheasant Soup recipe

6. Only food can not live up to it. Please stop and enjoy the nutritious chicken soup for the soul at this moment.

Wild Pheasant Soup recipe


This kind of colorful chicken is different from domestic chicken. The game of this pheasant can be eaten as long as it is a food. I came to my friend Shunfeng. It is stocked in the Central Plains in the deep mountains of our hometown. I think I have a good taste. Yes, haha!


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