Double Vegetable and Fan Bone Soup

Double Vegetable and Fan Bone Soup

by Niu Ma Kitchen

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Whenever I feel homesick, I will look for all kinds of ingredients from my hometown, and then buy them back home and follow the method in my memory to replicate the flavors of my hometown. According to what the sister of a gourmet said, is the food in this hometown relieved of homesickness or homesickness? I think if this is a solution or a more stringent solution, I won't go into it in detail. Different mind mirrors have different ideas, and they are more solvable and homesick.
The ingredients I used today are the main vegetables in my hometown in winter. Its name is Pancai, and there are two kinds of large and small. It looks like a plate-shaped object, so it is commonly called Pancai. This dish is one of my favorite dishes. It is not Shanzhen, but it can enter the deepest part of my heart. And at the family banquet in our hometown, there will always be such a pickled dish, which is very greasy and very greasy. Appetizer. The most important thing is that it can also heal my deepest yearning for home. In fact, my dad doesn’t like this dish very much, but he knows that I like this dish and understands that this dish carries a lot of emotions for me, so now he also slowly likes this ingredient, it’s cold, I’m from time to time Just buy one and go home with some bones to make the soup that can cure the homesickness the most.
If you send it to friends who like it first, you can refer to it. If there is no big dish, carrots will do.


Double Vegetable and Fan Bone Soup

1. Prepare all the ingredients, add water to the pot, blanch the fan bones in the pot, rinse and put it in the soup pot, add enough water. Cook on high heat until the soup base opens up and the pork bones taste.

Double Vegetable and Fan Bone Soup recipe

2. Peel the dish and the carrots and cut into pieces, cook the fan bones until the flavor comes out, then put these two types of vegetables into the pot, and boil the soup. It takes about half an hour to boil until the soup is delicious.

Double Vegetable and Fan Bone Soup recipe

3. Finally, add salt and chives to enhance the flavor.

Double Vegetable and Fan Bone Soup recipe

4. In this way, the soup with double vegetables and fan bones is complete.

Double Vegetable and Fan Bone Soup recipe


Don't use too much seasoning, just blanch the green onions in the pot, don't boil it again.


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