Fan Bone Lotus Root Soup

Fan Bone Lotus Root Soup

by Alice Beard Potato Chips

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Lotus root is a lotus plant. The lotus root is slightly sweet and crisp, and can be eaten raw or cooked. It is one of the common dishes. Lotus root is also a plant with high medicinal value. Its roots, leaves, flowers, and fruits are all treasures, and can be used as nourishing medicine. It is made into powder from lotus root, which can eliminate food and relieve diarrhea, appetite and clear away heat, nourish and prevent internal bleeding. It is a good liquid food and nourishing Jiazhen for women, children, children and the frail and sick. Lotus root is rich in vitamin C and minerals. It has medicinal effects and is beneficial to the heart. It has the effect of promoting metabolism and preventing rough skin. It is planted in Jiangsu, Anhui, Hubei, Shandong, Henan, Hebei and other places in my country. Lotus root is also called lotus root, and it is also called white stem because of its white underground stem. Jiangnan Jingshi Chen Zhisui's poem "Song Lotus": "I am in the unstained mud, and no one knows that the white stems are buried in the ground. The vibrant red and green are clear, and the wind will not wait for the fragrance to fill the pond." Lotus root is also an important agricultural crop in the planting area . Lotus root is a water lily plant


Fan Bone Lotus Root Soup

1. Prepare the ingredients. Wash the fan bones; peel the lotus root, cut into small pieces, and set aside

Fan Bone Lotus Root Soup recipe

2. Put the fan bones, lotus root and ginger slices in the pot

Fan Bone Lotus Root Soup recipe

3. Pour in an appropriate amount of water, the amount of water is suitable for the lotus root and fan bones

Fan Bone Lotus Root Soup recipe

4. Pour in the right amount of rice wine

Fan Bone Lotus Root Soup recipe

5. Add a small bottle of white vinegar with a cap

Fan Bone Lotus Root Soup recipe

6. Cover the pot and select the "Beauty Soup-Big Bone Soup" mode, skim off the blood foam after boiling, wait patiently ~ when the time is up, put out the soup, add appropriate amount of salt, and season

Fan Bone Lotus Root Soup recipe


Fan Bone Lotus Root Soup recipe


The pig's fan bone is the bone on the back of the pig under the shoulders. The front end of the pig fan bone has a crescent-shaped brittle bone called the moon bone. The pig fan bone is a pig scapula. Partners who like cavity bone can choose cavity bone~


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