Egg Tart Liquid

Egg Tart Liquid

by happiness2882

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The tart wrappers are ready-made, because I am too lazy to make them. I have used this recipe for several years. Personally, I think it's pretty good. My family likes it very much.

The house is full of milk, and a bite is super satisfying. "


Egg Tart Liquid

1. Four spare egg yolks.

Egg Tart Liquid recipe

2. Mix whipped cream, milk, sugar, and melt the sugar. If you want to hurry up, put it in a hot water basin and melt the sugar over water, but be careful to let it cool before continuing.

Egg Tart Liquid recipe

3. Sift in the cake flour and mix well.

Egg Tart Liquid recipe

4. Add the beaten egg yolks.

Egg Tart Liquid recipe

5. Sieve after mixing.

Egg Tart Liquid recipe

6. Preheat the oven up and down at 230°, and place the tart wrappers.

Egg Tart Liquid recipe

7. Load seven to eight full.

Egg Tart Liquid recipe

8. The lower layer is ready in 20 minutes.

Egg Tart Liquid recipe


1. The custard crust should be taken out when it is used, and it will be easy to crisp when it is frozen and baked.
2. Bake for more than ten minutes and look at the coloring. My oven takes twenty minutes.
3. You can also add red beans, mango, durian, as long as you like.
4. Don't fill it up, it will bulge when roasting.
5. You can also make the egg tart wrapper by yourself, folding the quilt, but I find it troublesome.


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