Farm Spinach

Farm Spinach

by Gluttonous

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This is an authentic dish of Northeast farmhouse dishes. Spinach is easy to prepare, but not many are eaten raw. This "farm spinach" must choose fresh baby spinach. Older or stale ones cannot be used. "


Farm Spinach

1. Main and auxiliary ingredients: baby spinach, spring onions, farmhouse sauce, garlic

Farm Spinach recipe

2. Pick and wash the spinach and shallots, and drain the water.

Farm Spinach recipe

3. Cut it into sections.

Farm Spinach recipe

4. Put the spinach stalks in the plate first.

Farm Spinach recipe

5. Then put the shallots.

Farm Spinach recipe

6. Put spinach leaves on top.

Farm Spinach recipe

7. Put an appropriate amount of farmhouse sauce.

Farm Spinach recipe

8. Put some more garlic.

Farm Spinach recipe

9. Ready to serve, mix well and serve. .

Farm Spinach recipe


1. Be sure to use fresh baby spinach. It can also be paired with some coriander.
2. You don't need farmhouse sauce, so light soy sauce or vinegar can be used.


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