Fish Cake

Fish Cake

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Fish Cake

1. 20 g minced char, 20 g chopped green onion, 500 g pork fat, cut into cubes, 500 g fish, cut into pieces

Fish Cake recipe

2. Separate the egg from the egg white and the yolk, put the fish into the wall-breaking machine, pour in the pork fat, pour in the minced ginger, green onion, egg white, and puree

Fish Cake recipe

3. Pour into a bowl, 5 grams of pepper, 5 grams of chicken powder, 5 grams of salt, stir well, marinate for 30 minutes, 250 grams of mung bean starch, stir well

Fish Cake recipe

4. Brush oil in the container, mix the meat and egg yolks, shake them, put them in a pot, separate them with water, steam for 30 minutes, demould and slice

Fish Cake recipe


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