Crispy Squid Cake

Crispy Squid Cake

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Today I feel inexplicably good, and I want to give myself a big reward, so let’s have a snack. When you are in a good mood, you will be happier if you want to eat. When you are in a bad mood, you will also want to eat, and you will become happy when you are in a bad mood. I don’t know if my friends feel this way. [Welcome to exchange food, please search WeChat public account: "Shiqu Cai Caiwu" or directly add "EJM2467"]
Today I want to stay alone, reading books, writing articles, and not wanting to do anything, except for the kitchen. Because the kitchen is a place that can inspire people; it is also a place that can comfort the belly; it is also a place where the soul can be free.
Today’s crispy squid cake is made by whipping the squid into a puree with a food processor, mixing it with minced meat, and deep-frying it. It's not only a dish of value, but also a dish of snacks.
Compared with the food stalls, beer, and grilled fish in the middle of the night, these small snacks are more delicate and well-behaved. Use this dish to comfort your lonely stomach in the middle of the night.


Crispy Squid Cake

1. 1. Prepare the ingredients in advance

Crispy Squid Cake recipe

2. 2. Separate egg yolk and egg white; cut pork fat into puree; cut green onion into flowers and set aside

Crispy Squid Cake recipe

3. 3. Clean the squid and put it into a cooking machine to puree it. Add appropriate amount of water when whipping.

Crispy Squid Cake recipe

4. 4. Add pig fat mud, egg white, cooking wine, cornstarch, and salt to the squid puree and whisk in one direction; then add chopped green onion and five-spice powder, mix well and set aside

Crispy Squid Cake recipe

5. 5. Add egg yolk and cornstarch, mix well

Crispy Squid Cake recipe

6. 6. Dip the wonton wrapper with egg yolk liquid, put a ball of tuned squid filling in the middle, and then cover with a layer of wonton wrapper moistened with egg yolk liquid and press it into a cake shape

Crispy Squid Cake recipe

7. 7. When the oil in the pot is heated to 50% hot, put in the prepared squid cakes, fry on both sides with a low fire, and remove them. When the temperature of the oil in the pot rises to 8-9%, then put the fried squid cakes Pour into the pan and re-fry aside, quickly remove the pan and drain the oil

Crispy Squid Cake recipe

8. 8. Sprinkle chili noodles on top of the pan and serve

Crispy Squid Cake recipe


1. The squid has a relatively thick consistency, so add water when whipping
2. Squid has a fishy smell, it can be removed by adding cooking wine and green onions after whipping into a puree
3. When frying squid cakes, you need to fry twice. The first frying is for the food to be set and mature, and the second frying is for the food to be crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.


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