Fried Steak

Fried Steak

by Ball doll

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The Chinese New Year is approaching. Many restaurants and vegetable vendors have all gone home early for the New Year. However, we so-called "white-collar workers" still continue to work and do not have a holiday before 30, sad reminders! We can only go to the big supermarket to stock up some food. Frozen food has become the first choice. Today I bought "Steak" and tried to fry it at home. I had no hope, but I didn't expect the taste to be good, not inferior to the western restaurant outside. The key is economical, it can be described as "good quality and low price", I can't wait to recommend it to everyone, I hope everyone likes it ❤️"


Fried Steak

1. I bought ready-made filet steak, but also sirloin steak. Try it next time.

Fried Steak recipe

2. Put corn oil in a pan, heat the corn oil and then put the butter in it. The butter is frozen solid and melts when heated. Fry the steak on the front and back. When there is no blood, it will be cooked. Fry until 6 is mature. Add onions and blanched cabbage, add some oyster sauce and sauté until fragrant. Finally, when you see that the side of the steak is a little burnt, start the pan, pour in the steak sauce, and add some tomato sauce.

Fried Steak recipe

3. Serve on a plate, cut the steak into small pieces with a knife and fork, easy to eat

Fried Steak recipe

4. Our baby was having a good time, and finally fried a double-boiled egg for the baby! Accompany a glass of milk, eat comfortably

Fried Steak recipe


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