Golden Chicken Hammer

Golden Chicken Hammer

by Plums for gourmet

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Today, I will share an unusual method of chicken wings: golden chicken hammer, crisp on the outside and tender on the inside, delicious and kill fast food restaurants.


Golden Chicken Hammer

1. Cut off the tendons from the thin end of the chicken wing root, then peel off the meat and bones and turn them down

Golden Chicken Hammer recipe

2. Put the processed chicken wing roots into a bowl, sprinkle with Orleans marinade, green onion and ginger, cooking wine, mix well, and then marinate for 4 hours

Golden Chicken Hammer recipe

3. The marinated chicken wing roots are coated with a layer of starch, then with egg liquid, and finally with a layer of breadcrumbs

Golden Chicken Hammer recipe

4. When the oil is 50% hot, put the roots of the chicken wings in the pot, turn over gently during frying, remove them after frying (about 6 minutes)

Golden Chicken Hammer recipe

5. Wrap a layer of tin foil on the roots and start eating

Golden Chicken Hammer recipe


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