Grapefruit salad

Grapefruit salad

I received the long-awaited Kewpie trial product and posted this recipe last night, but I can’t find my own recipe at this event this morning, so let’s post it again! Chobe salad dressing is really delicious. I didn't like to eat salad dressing in the old fair and said that it tastes good. I made my favorite fruit salad and made dessert after dinner. I was happy.







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How to make it (Grapefruit salad)

1. Prepare the ingredients
Grapefruit salad recipe
2. Diced fruit
Grapefruit salad recipe
3. Put the fruits in the salad bowl in the order you like
Grapefruit salad recipe
4. Add salad dressing and you can create patterns at will
Grapefruit salad recipe
5. It can be eaten after stirring, the taste is sour and sweet
Grapefruit salad recipe

1. Don't put too much salad dressing, people who try it for the first time may not like the sour taste.
2. Fruit salad must include apples, as indispensable.


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