Hawthorn and Peach Gum Boiled Dumplings

Hawthorn and Peach Gum Boiled Dumplings

by Tianshan Cocoa

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Although hawthorn is a common fruit, it is not often eaten. When I say this, I don't eat it often. It’s really not as common as apples, pears, and grapes. Isn’t it like this at home? Don't know how much to eat candied haws? I also rarely eat it. I eat it once a year. It's not that I don't have it here, but I really don't like it. I think hawthorn is too sour. It tastes less delicious than apples or grapes. Even candied haws are too sour. Not only I don’t like it, but my family doesn’t like it. Although hawthorn is very nutritious, it is good for digestion and stomachache It has the effect of dispelling blood stasis and helping to lower blood fat. Hawthorn has the effect of enhancing myocardial contractility and increasing cardiac output. Peach gum is a good thing for beauty and beauty, especially women should eat more. Women eat this breakfast more, as an appetizer to help digestion, and the skin is bright red, which is several times better than going to a beauty salon.

Yuanxiao is still glutinous rice balls, which is a problem. In fact, it is very simple. The Lantern Festival is from the north. It is usually a piece of stuffing that is repeatedly dipped in water and boiled to dry glutinous rice flour until it becomes a ball. This kind of Yuanxiao can be stored at room temperature for several days without freezing. Glutinous rice dumplings are glutinous rice noodles mixed with water, and the buns seem to be covered with fillings. If you can't finish it, you need to freeze it in the refrigerator. This time I cooked glutinous rice balls. I used "Hawthorn Peach Glue" to make glutinous rice balls. The sweet and sour ones are really delicious.


Hawthorn and Peach Gum Boiled Dumplings

1. Ingredients: 10 hawthorns, 10 glutinous rice balls

Accessories: 15 grams of rock sugar, 10 grams of peach gum

To soak the peach gum, first wash the peach gum in clean water for about 12 hours, then soak it softly and then clean it again to remove all impurities. Let the peach gum rise a lot after using it for one night.

Hawthorn and Peach Gum Boiled Dumplings recipe

2. Wash the fresh hawthorn bubbles. It is best to soak them in light salt water for a few minutes. This is especially clean. First use the pen cap to twist the red fruit from one end of the red fruit and then pull it out. At the other end of the hawthorn, use the same method to screw in the cap, and the nucleus of the hawthorn can be completely poke out by the cap. This method is very convenient and can also keep the hawthorn intact.

Hawthorn and Peach Gum Boiled Dumplings recipe

3. Add the hawthorn to a clean casserole, add water, pour a little salt, and boil on high heat

Hawthorn and Peach Gum Boiled Dumplings recipe

4. When the water in the pot is boiled, skim off the foam, add peach gum and bring to a boil

Hawthorn and Peach Gum Boiled Dumplings recipe

5. Turn to low heat and cover, cook for three or four minutes until the water is reduced, about 30 minutes

Hawthorn and Peach Gum Boiled Dumplings recipe

6. Open the lid, add the glutinous rice balls, open the lid

Hawthorn and Peach Gum Boiled Dumplings recipe

7. Add rock sugar, bring to a boil, turn to medium heat and stir a few times with a spoon until the glutinous rice balls are shiny and floating

Hawthorn and Peach Gum Boiled Dumplings recipe

8. Hawthorn and glutinous rice balls are cooked and ready to be served, sweet and sour, soft and sweet, delicious

Hawthorn and Peach Gum Boiled Dumplings recipe


1. Hawthorn must be cleaned, it is best to use light salt water to get more bubbles, and then wash again

2. Fried hawthorn with salt will be sweeter and will increase the taste of QQ, but no more

3. To boil hawthorn, it should be boiled on a medium-to-low heat, so that the hawthorn is Q bomb, it is best to add more water and cook glutinous rice balls.


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