Cold Seasonal Vegetables

Cold Seasonal Vegetables

by Weilan Weibo

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The taste of autumn is matched with various seasonal vegetables and seasonings. The focus is on adding camellia seed oil. The cold salad is not only refreshing and appetizing, but also exceptionally fragrant, nourishing yin and moisturizing, and also beautifies the skin!

Cold Seasonal Vegetables

1. Prepare the ingredients, soak all the vegetables in light salt water for 10 minutes, and rinse them off repeatedly.

Cold Seasonal Vegetables recipe

2. Boil the cabbage in water, use cold water to control the moisture, and cut into pieces. Cut the bitter chrysanthemum into sections.

Cold Seasonal Vegetables recipe

3. Cucumber slices, radish slices, hawthorn slices.

Cold Seasonal Vegetables recipe

4. Add salt, sugar, vinegar, soy sauce, camellia seed oil and mix well

Cold Seasonal Vegetables recipe

5. Mix well and serve. Ecologically good oil, search for Dexi tea oil on

Cold Seasonal Vegetables recipe


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