Homemade Sichuan Spicy Sausage

Homemade Sichuan Spicy Sausage

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Sausages have always been eaten since childhood, especially the spicy ones. In previous years, my mother has always made it by herself, and the taste is very good.
But this year my mother was not around, so the heavy responsibility of filling sausages naturally fell on me. Although I have never done it before, I also watched my mother's filling it. In order to be more certain, I deliberately searched the Internet about the ratio of the prepared seasonings, and then combined my own tastes for the seasoning.
The production process was very fortunate. It took a long time from buying the meat to filling it, and I felt tired.
However, the final result is still very good. When the sausage is steamed, the aroma is tangy, and the whole room is full of wax aroma. Especially when it is cut, it can’t help stealing it. It’s delicious and spicy. It is particularly prominent, the more you chew, the more fragrant it is, it really tastes like a mother!

Homemade Sichuan Spicy Sausage

1. Prepare ingredients: dried chili, dried pepper, salt and casing

2. Meat peeled and washed

3. After washing the casing several times, pour water in to rinse the intestines, and check whether there are any leaks in the casing.

4. Stir-fry the peppercorns until fragrant and let cool, then beat them into fine powder, stir-fry the dried chilies and let cool and then beat them into fine powder chili noodles: http://www.meishij.net/zuofa/zizhilajiaomian_1.html

Homemade Sichuan Spicy Sausage recipe

5. Cut the washed meat into small strips, and then add the seasoning: 120g salt, 30g sugar, 30g pepper noodles, 80g chili noodles, 15g chicken essence and 150g white wine (if you like five flavors, you can put some five-spice powder)

6. Put on disposable gloves and mix the meat and seasonings thoroughly

7. Mix well and set aside

8. Knot the ends of the washed casings

Homemade Sichuan Spicy Sausage recipe

9. Put the other end of the casing into the funnel of the sausage stuffer (if there is no sausage stuffer, you can use the mouth of the beverage bottle to fill it)

10. Put the seasoned meat into the meat grinder (the blade in the meat grinder needs to be taken out)

11. Shake the meat into the casing

12. Squeeze the meat tightly with your hands (not too hard, otherwise the casing is easy to squeeze), while squeezing, use a needle around the sausage to pierce the air out

Homemade Sichuan Spicy Sausage recipe

13. After filling one section, tie a knot with cotton thread so that one section is filled

14. After being filled, hung on the balcony and aired for about half a month. The surface of the sausage is pleated. It is hard to pinch it up by hand, but it is still flexible. It should not be too dry or hard. It will be too dry to eat. Hard, too chaotic, affects the taste

15. After washing the sausages, put them in a steamer and steam them for about 20 minutes

16. After being steamed, take it out and put it in slices when it's not hot. It's best to eat it while it's hot, it will be more fragrant and fresh, and full of spicy flavor!

Homemade Sichuan Spicy Sausage recipe


1. The sausage should not be too thin. It is recommended to be 3 points fat and 7 points thin, so that it tastes more delicious and delicious; if it is too thin, it will be harder and harder to eat, which will affect the taste
2. When you put the seasoning, you can adjust it according to your favorite taste. If you like sweeter, you can put more sugar, and if you are not too spicy, you can put less pepper and pepper.
3. When filling the sausages, the purpose is to get rid of the air inside, so that the filled sausages are firmer and have no gaps.
4. It is best to dry the filled sausages on the balcony or hang them in a ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight.
5. After the sausage is air-dried, put it in a food bag, seal it, and store it in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator. It can be stored for half a year


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