Immortal Taro Balls

Immortal Taro Balls

by Yilan Tinghai

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As long as the taro balls are ready, everything else does not take much time, so I always make a lot of taro balls at once and put them in the refrigerator. When I want to eat them, I can take them out and put them in the pot and cook them. It is very convenient save trouble.


Immortal Taro Balls

1. Pour the fairy grass powder into a bowl, add a little cold water and stir to form a paste, then add enough water to stir evenly, boil and cool.

Immortal Taro Balls recipe

2. Pour sago into the pot, add appropriate amount of water to boil, stir while cooking, cook until only the white spots in the middle of the sago are left, turn off the heat, cover and simmer until all the white spots disappear.

Immortal Taro Balls recipe

3. Remove the cold water immediately after the sago is cooked.

Immortal Taro Balls recipe

4. Pour out the water.

Immortal Taro Balls recipe

5. Add enough water to the pot, add sweet potatoes and taro balls of various colors and cook until they float and remove them to cool.

Immortal Taro Balls recipe

6. Add the boiled sweet potatoes, taro balls, sago, and immortal grass to the bowl, then add the honey red beans, and finally pour in the coconut milk and stir evenly.

Immortal Taro Balls recipe


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