Internet Celebrity

Internet Celebrity

by Nutritionist Yiye Gourmet

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The hot Internet celebrity Bu Bu Bei, the shells are tumbling heavily in the heated soup, and they are quickly opened one by one. In order to eat the softest and tender shell meat, you must cook and eat it. The test is Your eyes are sharp, and the opened shellfish is immediately picked out. If you let it continue to cook, the shellfish will shrink and taste bad!


Internet Celebrity

1. Add oil to the pot and sauté half of the minced garlic and half of it raw. This is called gold and silver garlic. If you feel troublesome, you can skip it. You can use all raw, depending on personal preference.

Internet Celebrity recipe

2. Add a small spoonful of sugar, and mix well with the right amount of chili. Children can't eat spicy food, so I put very little.

Internet Celebrity recipe

3. The clean white scallops were placed in a multi-function pan. I bought 3 jin, which just filled a pot.

Internet Celebrity recipe

4. Add minced garlic, 2 bowls of high temperature, and use water when there is no. I just cook baby vegetables after cooking. If there is more food to eat, I can use a deep pot and add more water!

Internet Celebrity recipe

5. Put the lid on and cook for about 2 minutes and you can start eating. You don’t need to wait for all the shells to boil, just cook and eat~

Internet Celebrity recipe

6. After eating all, add baby cabbage and cook until soft, baby cabbage is really delicious!
Choose OSTINI multi-function pot for a healthy life with light smoke and less oil.

Internet Celebrity recipe


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