Italian Porcini Risotto

Italian Porcini Risotto

by jixinyu88

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Risotto (risotto), also called risotto, is a classic Italian dish with rich aroma and delicious soup. The springy rice grains and the fragrant ingredients make one bite to eat~"


Italian Porcini Risotto

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Italian Porcini Risotto recipe

2. Pour an appropriate amount of olive oil into the pot, heat up the garlic, add the porcini mushrooms, and stir-fry, add a little salt and stir-fry until soft and set aside

Italian Porcini Risotto recipe

3. In a separate pot, put the right amount of butter and a little olive oil into the pot, heat it, pour in half of the diced onion, and fry slowly until the aroma appears

Italian Porcini Risotto recipe

4. Pour in Italian rice, mix well and stir-fry, paying attention not to heat too much

Italian Porcini Risotto recipe

5. Pour a small glass of white wine

Italian Porcini Risotto recipe

6. Then add hot water (the broth is better) and boil slowly, add some salt and black pepper (you can leave it alone)

Italian Porcini Risotto recipe

7. Cook on medium heat for 6 or 7 minutes until the rice is cooked and inside. During this period, do not let the water boil dry. Add appropriate amount of water to it, and stir frequently to avoid sticking to the pot. Do not add too much water at a time, otherwise it will change. It's congee

Italian Porcini Risotto recipe

8. Put half-rare and half-cooked rice and porcini mushrooms in a pot, heat the water again to cook (the amount of salt needs to be deducted by yourself, I add a small amount of it several times)

Italian Porcini Risotto recipe

9. Pour in dry cheese powder (can be omitted)

Italian Porcini Risotto recipe

10. Just cook until the rice is completely soft. Those who like the harder texture of the rice can cook it for a few minutes less. You can control the specific level.

Italian Porcini Risotto recipe

11. Finally, add the right amount of coriander and you're done (you can also omit it)

Italian Porcini Risotto recipe


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