Kelp Bone Soup

Kelp Bone Soup

by Hua Ning Yuyan

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The weather is cold, boil some bone soup, nourishment, not bad


Kelp Bone Soup

1. All the ingredients are ready, soak the kelp in advance

Kelp Bone Soup recipe

2. Boil the big bones in water to remove the blood foam inside

Kelp Bone Soup recipe

3. Take out the blanched bones and wash them

Kelp Bone Soup recipe

4. Cut the kelp into strips and tie it up. You can also buy it directly. I use dried kelp and soak it myself.

Kelp Bone Soup recipe

5. Put the bones and kelp knots into the casserole

Kelp Bone Soup recipe

6. Add seasoning

Kelp Bone Soup recipe

7. Add the right amount of water and finish the bones

Kelp Bone Soup recipe

8. Bring to a boil on high fire, then boil on low fire for an hour

Kelp Bone Soup recipe

9. Kelp bone soup is ready

Kelp Bone Soup recipe


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