Kuri Yokan

Kuri Yokan

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Li Yang Geng was once a specialty snack in Tianjin. It is also called Lizi Geng in Tianjin. It has a sweet and delicate taste. Although it is called Li Yang Geng, it is not a soup made of lamb, but a vegetarian snack. It is made with red bean paste and made with sugar. to make.


Kuri Yokan

1. Prepare ingredients, chestnut kernels, maltose, agar, red bean paste (the red bean paste used to make yokan should be very delicate, the finer the better, not coarse particles)

Kuri Yokan recipe

2. Put water in a boiling pot, add chestnuts and cook until soft and waxy can be easily crushed.

Kuri Yokan recipe

3. Cook until the chestnuts are soft, remove the dried water, crush them, and cut into small granules

Kuri Yokan recipe

4. Prepare a small soup pot, pour water, add agar, maltose, stir evenly, and put it on the gas stove. Heat on a low heat and stir while heating to melt the agar completely. (The agar can be soaked for 30 minutes in advance. Zerui’s mother forgot to put it in the boiling pot directly. It feels that the finished product has no effect, but it will take more time to completely melt.)

Kuri Yokan recipe

5. After the agar is completely melted, add the red bean paste, cook on medium-low heat until it boils, and stir until it becomes a little viscous. If it becomes thinner, it will cook, but use a spoon to keep stirring.

Kuri Yokan recipe

6. After the red bean paste is completely mixed evenly and feels thicker, (this time you can taste the taste, add sugar according to your personal taste and the sweetness of the red bean paste, the red bean paste you bought is sweeter, generally you don’t need to add it) add chopped chestnuts Mix well and turn off the heat.

Kuri Yokan recipe

7. Find a suitable mold and pour the red bean soup into the mold. I use a non-stick baking pan. When it is not hot to the touch, put it in the refrigerator until it is completely solidified. You don’t need to put it in the refrigerator, it will freeze when it is basically cool. The refrigerator is just to be faster.

Kuri Yokan recipe

8. Use a knife to cut along the side of the mold, take the red bean soup out of the mold, cut into long strips, and then cut each long strip into small pieces you like.

Kuri Yokan recipe


1. Friends who like to eat sweets can also add some sugar when cooking the red bean paste. Generally, the finished red bean paste on the market contains sugar itself.
2. You can also make pure red bean soup without chestnut, which is also delicious.


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