Lazy Five Red Soup

Lazy Five Red Soup

by Nunu

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The raw materials of Wuhongtang are: red skin peanuts, red beans, red dates, red wolfberry, brown sugar. Drinking Wuhongtang has the effect of nourishing blood and promoting blood circulation. It is especially good for girls. My method is super simple and lazy. It is very simple. You can learn to do it.


Lazy Five Red Soup

1. The proportion of red beans, peanuts, red dates, and medlar is shown in the figure

Lazy Five Red Soup recipe

2. Wash the ingredients except brown sugar with water

Lazy Five Red Soup recipe

3. After cleaning, filter the water, pour 6 bowls of drinking water, and add 1 piece of brown sugar

Lazy Five Red Soup recipe

4. Put it in the rice cooker

Lazy Five Red Soup recipe

5. Start the soup program

Lazy Five Red Soup recipe

6. carry out

Lazy Five Red Soup recipe


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