Seasonal Health Tea

Seasonal Health Tea

by Jamie Pastoral

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This is the Jingzhe solar term health tea recommended by doctors of Chinese medicine on TV. Simple and easy to operate, the taste is also very good. I used local materials and used whatever I had at home. I didn't buy tangerine peels. Less tangerine peel than the prescription recommended by the doctor.


Seasonal Health Tea

1. Wash the red dates

Seasonal Health Tea recipe

2. Take appropriate amount of chrysanthemum, Poria

Seasonal Health Tea recipe

3. Put red dates, tuckahoe and chrysanthemum in the health pot, add appropriate amount of water to cover the pot lid

Seasonal Health Tea recipe

4. Put the health pot on the base, turn on the electricity, adjust to the scented tea stall to cook

Seasonal Health Tea recipe

5. Bring to a boil with high power, adjust to low power and cook slowly, and serve immediately after cooking

Seasonal Health Tea recipe


The cooking time is not unique, it can be cooked for a longer time.


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