Risotto with Double Dates

Risotto with Double Dates

by Tian Luo girl

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Shanghai has entered the winter at once, and now every meal only wants to eat warm and high-calorie meals, take advantage of the tail of autumn to stick the last bit of fat to survive the humid and cold winter! In fact, I have been eating cream stew for several days. The first is convenience. Anyway, something will become delicious after a long simmering time. The second is warming, and the gurgling just goes in the pot. It awakens people’s appetite very much. The third one is delicious~ I like to eat milk with a sweet and a little salty complex taste. It’s cool~ Today, my mouth has not been idle during the day, eating red dates and black dates. , Or just make a creamy risotto, it turns out to be invincible and delicious!


Risotto with Double Dates

1. Choose a few red dates and rinse them in a pot under cold water

Risotto with Double Dates recipe

2. Also choose a few black dates, pot under cold water

Risotto with Double Dates recipe

3. After boiling for five or six minutes, throw in a piece (15g) of milk stew, which is convenient and quick, without additional seasoning.

Risotto with Double Dates recipe

4. When the soup is thicker, add steamed rice, break up the rice, and cook until it is thick!

Risotto with Double Dates recipe


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