Mapo Tofu

Mapo Tofu

by Mother of Sichuan Cuisine

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Mapo Tofu

Mapo Tofu

1. Wash the chili and tofu and set aside

Mapo Tofu recipe

2. Cut the fresh tofu into 2-3 cm squares, cut the green onion into chopped green onions, and cut the chili into sections for later use. Mix the minced meat with the chili sauce, mix evenly and set aside

Mapo Tofu recipe

3. Heat the vegetable oil in a pan until the oil fume is dissipated, and the oil temperature is controlled at about 180-200 degrees. Quickly stir the minced meat in the pan to slightly yellow. When the meat is fragrant, add 100 grams of boiled water. When the water and minced meat boil, add the tofu cubes. , The chili section is cooked through

Mapo Tofu recipe

4. Turn off the heat, sprinkle with chopped green onion and serve

Mapo Tofu recipe


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