Korean Miso Soup

Korean Miso Soup


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Korean Miso Soup

1. Prepare ingredients. Pork, tofu, onion, squash, hang pepper, green onions and cut into pieces, clean bean sprouts (the vegetables are not specified, you can also replace them with your favorite vegetables)

Korean Miso Soup recipe

2. Heat the oil in the pan, add the pork and fry until the color changes

Korean Miso Soup recipe


Korean Miso Soup recipe

4. After the pork is discolored, pour in water, boil, and put a spoonful of Korean miso.

Korean Miso Soup recipe

5. Then add tofu, onion, carob, bean sprouts and continue cooking

Korean Miso Soup recipe

6. Then add salt, soy sauce and fresh powder (without this powder, you can choose Daxi beef noodles, or the small dried fish in the Korean soft tofu soup from my previous recipe. The small dried fish should be placed in the boiling water. Then the water is boiled and fished out)

Korean Miso Soup recipe

7. Then add white clams (white clams can also be replaced with yellow clams, prawns, squid and other seafood)

Korean Miso Soup recipe

8. Add the chili and green onions at the end.

Korean Miso Soup recipe

9. Eat with the Korean bibimbap from last issue, perfect!

Korean Miso Soup recipe


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