Milky Corn Juice

Milky Corn Juice

by A little girl has grown up

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Fresh corn is on the market, I am excited! Because fresh corn can make many delicacies. Today, I will make a milk-flavored corn juice. "


Milky Corn Juice

1. Prepare ingredients: corn on the cob, leftover rice, cheese yogurt, rock sugar.

Milky Corn Juice recipe

2. Pour leftover rice and peeled corn kernels into the juicer.

Milky Corn Juice recipe

3. Pour cheese and yogurt into the juicer cup (according to the recipe of others, pure milk is used, my milk is used up, so I will temporarily replace it with yogurt).

Milky Corn Juice recipe

4. Add cold white water (the original recipe used pure water, I didn’t? I used cold white water. But never use cold water for fear of stomach trouble).

Milky Corn Juice recipe

5. Finished picture.

Milky Corn Juice recipe

6. Finished picture.

Milky Corn Juice recipe


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