Nutritious Salad Croutons

Nutritious Salad Croutons

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Nutritious salad croutons, the main ingredients are shrimp, asparagus, lettuce, bread, and small tomatoes. The nutrition is the most comprehensive. Shrimp is rich in nutrition and rich in protein, which is several times or even dozens of times that of fish, eggs and milk. Low calorie, refreshing taste, easy to digest. Asparagus is rich in vitamin A, trace minerals selenium, iron, manganese, zinc, folic acid, and various amino acids needed by the human body. "


Nutritious Salad Croutons

1. Prepare ingredients: shrimp, asparagus, bread, lettuce, small tomatoes, zero-fat salad dressing, salt, oil, pepper.

Nutritious Salad Croutons recipe

2. The bread is peeled and diced. The skin is hard. The salad is a bit unpalatable. Of course, you don't want to waste it. You can eat it together.

Nutritious Salad Croutons recipe

3. Cut the croutons and put them on a large plate.

Nutritious Salad Croutons recipe

4. Wash the asparagus, cut into sections, wash the shrimps, add some pepper, salt, and oil to marinate.

Nutritious Salad Croutons recipe

5. Heat the pan, pour the oil, put the asparagus and shrimp in the pan and fry them out.

Nutritious Salad Croutons recipe

6. Wash the lettuce and small tomatoes separately, drain the water, put on a large bread plate, fried shrimp and asparagus, pour into the zero-fat salad and mix well.

Nutritious Salad Croutons recipe

7. A staple food of the United States and the United States is just fine, with balanced nutrition, rich taste, and not greasy.

Nutritious Salad Croutons recipe


1. Asparagus and shrimp are easy to cook, don't fry for too long.
2. The bread is peeled and tastes good.
3. For salads, you must choose zero fat and zero additives to be healthy and lose weight.


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