Orange Lantern

Orange Lantern

by The cat who doesn't want to go downstairs

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A few days ago, I saw other people's small lanterns made of oranges on WeChat. There happened to be a basket of oranges at home today, so I also placed two small orange lanterns. I took a quick photo of the process and shared it with you.


Orange Lantern

1. Prepare ingredients: 1 orange, 1 broccoli rhizome

Orange Lantern recipe

2. Peel the oranges and divide them in half evenly

Orange Lantern recipe

3. Use a knife to cut a part of the orange peel into filaments, use the broccoli stem to cut out two thin strips, and then cut out four semi-circular slices

Orange Lantern recipe

4. Put the divided oranges on a plate and place the cut decorations on it

Orange Lantern recipe


1. The decoration of orange lanterns does not have to use broccoli roots, cucumbers or other colors of fruits and vegetables can be used;
2. The ears of orange lanterns can also be replaced with carrot shreds.


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