Orleans Fried Duck Breast

Orleans Fried Duck Breast

by Lao Fang Xiaoyu

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Duck meat is cool in nature and is suitable for a nourishing diet in summer. It is often said that there are four major meats in chicken, duck and fish. The protein content of duck meat is much higher than that of livestock meat, the fat content is moderate and the distribution is more even. We have the reputation of being the city of ducks. We love to eat duck meat, but the reputation is not so good. Therefore, the appearance rate of duck meat in my house is quite high!
Under normal circumstances, people like to use "Orleans barbecue ingredients" to make grilled chicken wings, grilled chicken legs, grilled whole chicken, etc.; but I like to constantly innovate and reform; this time not only use it to roast duck meat, but also give up the commonly used oven And the air fryer, use the electric cake file to complete; the experiment proves: Orleans roast duck breast tastes super, superb~~~


Orleans Fried Duck Breast

1. Prepare the ingredients

Orleans Fried Duck Breast recipe

2. Pour barbecue ingredients in a glass bowl

Orleans Fried Duck Breast recipe

3. Pour the same amount of water and stir evenly

Orleans Fried Duck Breast recipe

4. Put the duck breast, wrap both sides in barbecue sauce and marinate overnight

Orleans Fried Duck Breast recipe

5. It can be turned over during the marinating process for more flavor

Orleans Fried Duck Breast recipe

6. Take out the duck breast, put the skin side down and put it in the electric cake stall

Orleans Fried Duck Breast recipe

7. Close the lid and turn on the double-sided switch

Orleans Fried Duck Breast recipe

8. Open the top cover in about 2~3 minutes and turn it over

Orleans Fried Duck Breast recipe

9. Close the lid and continue frying on both sides

Orleans Fried Duck Breast recipe

10. Fry the golden brown on both sides, about 10 minutes

Orleans Fried Duck Breast recipe

11. Take out the chopping board

Orleans Fried Duck Breast recipe

12. Cut into pieces while hot and put in a dish

Orleans Fried Duck Breast recipe


1. Seasoning and flavor: you can choose according to your preference without compulsory
2. Duck breast meat is thicker and not easy to taste, and it will be more delicious if it is marinated for a longer time
3. If there is no electric cake file, you can also use other such as oven, oven, air fryer, microwave oven, etc.


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