Orange-flavored Duck

Orange-flavored Duck

by Yoha Kitchen

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The geographical location is different, and the living habits are different. Just like this duck, the city where I live is more common except for roast ducks. There are basically no other practices, let alone buying a white duck. It will not be as common as a chicken. Occasionally in the supermarket. I found duck breast, special duck breast, which is very rare. I immediately bought a few tuna, which is also a fast-hand dish to decorate the facade when you come to the guests;


Orange-flavored Duck

1. Prepare all the ingredients and thaw the duck breast in advance

Orange-flavored Duck recipe

2. Wash the duck breast, tear off the fascia, sprinkle salt and black pepper on both sides and pickle for 30 minutes, peel off the oranges, slice the orange flesh, peel off the orange peel, and cut into shreds. Set aside

Orange-flavored Duck recipe

3. Put the orange peel shreds into a small pot, add water that can cover the orange peel, boil it and cook for 10 minutes, pour the boiling water, and cook twice to remove the astringency of the orange peel, and finally add a large Spoon fine sugar, 50ml water, cook until the soup thickens, turn off the heat and set aside

Orange-flavored Duck recipe

4. The oven is preheated by heating the upper and lower pipes at the same time, and the temperature is set to 200 degrees; Heat a pan on medium heat, put in an appropriate amount of vegetable oil, add the pickled duck breast, and fry until two sides turn yellow; serve the duck Put the brisket in the baking dish,

Orange-flavored Duck recipe

5. Put the baking tray into the middle layer of the preheated oven, and set the time to 10 minutes

Orange-flavored Duck recipe

6. Using the bottom oil in the pan, add the chopped shallots and thyme and fry them to create a fragrant flavor (a sprig of thyme pluck off the leaves and not use the branches). When the chopped shallots become transparent, pour in the orange juice and the orange peel cooked in step 4 Sugar water, simmer until the soup thickens, turn off the heat and set aside

Orange-flavored Duck recipe

7. Observe the duck meat at any time when it is roasting. After seeing the skin color, take it out 2 minutes in advance, and let the duck meat slices after a little bit of cooling.

Orange-flavored Duck recipe

8. Fry the sliced oranges in a pan, or you don’t need to fry them. Place a slice of duck meat and a slice of orange on the plate, garnish with bitter chrysanthemum, pour the soup from step 9 on top, top with a sprig of thyme Decorate it, it's ok

Orange-flavored Duck recipe


1. The duck meat needs to be marinated in advance to taste
2. No orange peel syrup can be replaced with honey
3. If there is no thyme, use bay leaves instead, and the shallots can be replaced by onions


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