Pan Red Date Soup

Pan Red Date Soup

by Caohai (from Tencent.)

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The proanthocyanidin contained in apples, this element helps us prevent colon cancer. In addition, apples also have the effect of clearing blood vessels, and the nutrients in apples are beneficial to improve our lung function and respiratory system.


Pan Red Date Soup

1. Prepare the ingredients

Pan Red Date Soup recipe

2. Peel and dice apples

Pan Red Date Soup recipe

3. Add water to the pot, put the dates and cook first

Pan Red Date Soup recipe

4. Cook the dates for about 10 minutes and add the apples

Pan Red Date Soup recipe

5. Add rock sugar

Pan Red Date Soup recipe

6. Cook for 5 minutes

Pan Red Date Soup recipe

7. Bowling

Pan Red Date Soup recipe


It is more suitable for afternoon tea in winter. It is warm, nutritious and delicious.


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