Peach Jam

Peach Jam

by Lingzi sauce

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The peaches I bought in a treasure a few days ago were too much for 5 catties. After eating for a few days, there are still a lot of peaches left, so I made a peach jam, which has a natural peach scent, and sugar is added. Yes, it tastes good.


Peach Jam

1. Wash the peaches, peel, cut into pieces, spread in a bowl, and sprinkle a layer of white sugar. Add another layer of peach chunks and a layer of granulated sugar. And so on.

Peach Jam recipe

2. Cover the mouth of the bowl with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator. Make it at night and marinate overnight. Seven or eight hours during the day will do. I cut larger pieces

Peach Jam recipe

3. Take out the marinated peaches, you can see that the peaches have already produced a lot of water at this time

Peach Jam recipe

4. Put a small bowl of water in the pot to boil, dissolve ten crystal sugar, and add the marinated peaches to the pot. The fire was boiling while stirring. After opening, simmer the peaches on a low heat. You can also use a spoon to squeeze the peaches while stirring, to better allow the water to overflow and make the peach sauce finer.

Peach Jam recipe

5. Turn off the heat after the water dries. Pour out the peach jam and put it into the jar. If it is used for dipping bread, making sandwiches, making cakes, etc., it must be excellent, but adding it to fruit tea, desserts, etc. can take no pains. For lazy people, it's great to just soak in water and drink it.

Peach Jam recipe


1. The amount of sugar can be added according to personal taste. Adding a little more can keep it longer. At the same time, it should be boiled and put a little longer. It is better to finish it as soon as possible.
2. Slowly boil a little fire with a small fire, and stir, otherwise it will be easy to batter


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