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The method of waffle is very simple, learn how to easily get breakfast later. Today’s recipe is enough for two people. The current waffle is slightly crispy on the surface and soft in the middle, which is very delicious. In addition to fruit, you can also squeeze some chocolate sauce or cream to eat, or eat it with yogurt.



1. Beat the eggs

Waffle recipe

2. Add 75g low-gluten flour to the egg mixture

Waffle recipe

3. Use a spatula to slowly blend the flour and egg liquid

Waffle recipe

4. Pour 10ml milk

Waffle recipe

5. Stir the batter evenly

Waffle recipe

6. Preheat the waffle maker

Waffle recipe

7. Melt 5g butter in the microwave

Waffle recipe

8. After the standby unit is preheated, use a brush to apply butter on both sides of the waffle maker

Waffle recipe

9. Pour the batter into the machine (pour 90% full, because the waffle will expand when heated, and the batter will overflow if it is too full)

Waffle recipe

10. Turn off the machine

Waffle recipe

11. Rotate quickly to the other side. (If your machine does not have a rotating table, please turn it over by yourself. The purpose of turning over is to make the waffle expand evenly on both sides, and the color will be better.

Waffle recipe

12. During the heating process, the machine will emit a lot of steam. After the steam disappears, the waffle is ready.

Waffle recipe

13. Take out the finished waffle, cut it into pieces and place it on a plate, and decorate with banana slices and peach slices around it, ready to eat

Waffle recipe


1. Pour the batter into the machine and pour 90% full, because the waffle will expand when heated, and the batter will easily overflow if it is too full.
2. If there is no butter, you can also rub a little ordinary cooking oil on the surface of the machine, but it must be oil without strong fragrance, such as peanut oil.


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