Fruity Gnocchi

Fruity Gnocchi

by Weilan Weibo

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Autumnal equinox recipe, fruity glutinous rice balls, traditional and seasonal, soft and sweet, with a mid-autumn taste. It is said that its tradition is because my country has a traditional food custom of eating glutinous rice balls since ancient times on the autumnal equinox, while the season is that this glutinous rice dumpling is made from the current seasonal fruits and vegetables, and it is made with their own pickled sweet-scented sweet-scented osmanthus, so it is fruity. Rich, sweet-scented sweet-scented osmanthus, it is definitely the taste of mid-autumn, suitable for autumn health preservation.


Fruity Gnocchi

1. The mango is peeled and cored, the pulp is removed, and the fruit puree is pressed with a spoon. The purple sweet potato is sliced and steamed on a tray, and then pressed into a purple sweet potato puree with a spoon. Friends who are not too troublesome can choose to use a cooking machine, and the puree will be more delicate.

Fruity Gnocchi recipe

2. For glutinous rice flour, I choose water-milled glutinous rice flour. Ordinary glutinous rice flour is also available. I like water-milled glutinous rice flour to be more sticky.

Fruity Gnocchi recipe

3. The spinach is blanched. I only use it for some juice. You can use a food processor to smash and filter. The color will be darker. Add appropriate amount of glutinous rice flour and make a dough with mango puree, purple potato puree and spinach juice. Spinach dough needs to be added with some sugar, and the others do not need to be added and it is very sweet.

Fruity Gnocchi recipe

4. Each kind of dough is evenly grouped into small rounds, the size of which is up to personal preference.

Fruity Gnocchi recipe

5. First wash the peaches with water, then rub the surface with flour all over the surface, because we have to eat the skins, and then repeatedly clean them and cut them into large pieces.

Fruity Gnocchi recipe

6. Add an appropriate amount of pure water to Zhenmi Smart Lifting Electric Hot Pot, turn on the power, and bring the fire to a boil.

Fruity Gnocchi recipe

7. Add the peaches and cook for a few minutes until the peaches become soft.

Fruity Gnocchi recipe

8. Add all the small round balls, bring to a boil, continue to cook until the small round balls float up and it's OK.

Fruity Gnocchi recipe

9. The cooked glutinous rice balls, one-click to raise the basket, take out all the deliciousness in the pot, it is convenient and fast, the peaches are soft and delicious, and the most delicious is the mango atom. The fruity flavor is rich and enjoyable.

Fruity Gnocchi recipe

10. Put it out of the pot and put it in a container, sprinkle some pickled sweet-scented osmanthus, smells fragrant, soft and sweet.

Fruity Gnocchi recipe


1. For those who like sweets, you can add some sugar when making noodles. I think it's good to not add sugar.
2. Don't cook the Yuanzi for too long, just float it up. Add the fruit in the soup as you like. You can add some rock sugar to the sweets.


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