Peanut Pancakes

Peanut Pancakes

by Kiss

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Full of fragrant peanut flavor, fragrant but not greasy, smooth in the mouth, Q to elastic teeth


Peanut Pancakes

1. Pour the peanuts into the pot, turn on a low heat and stir fry for a while to serve, wait to cool, rub the peanuts off the red coat

Peanut Pancakes recipe

2. Add a little sugar to the peanuts and crush them with a blender

Peanut Pancakes recipe

3. If the sweet potato flour has granules, use a blender to crush it

Peanut Pancakes recipe

4. Add a little sugar and pour into the sweet potato flour

Peanut Pancakes recipe

5. Pour a little boiled water

Peanut Pancakes recipe

6. If you put a lot of water in it, add some sweet potato flour and keep rolling it with your hands.

Peanut Pancakes recipe

7. Take a small ball and squash

Peanut Pancakes recipe

8. Add proper amount of peanut filling, wrap and squash

Peanut Pancakes recipe

9. Pour a little peanut oil into the pan, put the wrapped peanut cakes in the pan and fry on a low fire

Peanut Pancakes recipe

10. Fry and serve

Peanut Pancakes recipe


① When frying peanuts, do not stir-fry on high fire, as the peanuts will be burnt. Stir-fry on a low heat, smell the aroma of peanuts, turn off the heat and put it on the plate.\n②Put the sweet potato flour with boiled water, stir it with chopsticks, and rub it with your hands after a while to avoid boiling water. n


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