Pumpkin Corn Quinoa Milk Soup

Pumpkin Corn Quinoa Milk Soup

by Dusty

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Lin Baoda has been very hard recently. Although the winter vacation has become longer, as a first-year child, he still has to earnestly take online classes and complete his homework! As a mother, I hope she can eat healthily while studying hard. In fact, there is not much exercise at home, so try to choose an address without sugar for breakfast! Nutritious pumpkin, low-fat tricolor quinoa, and even milk are organic! Not all milk can be called organic milk!
Today's sweetness: pumpkin corn quinoa milk soup, pumpkin's own sweetness, taste rich and soft! The side of the pumpkin cup did not dig the pumpkin puree too clean, and it was very enjoyable to eat, and it was very glutinous!


Pumpkin Corn Quinoa Milk Soup

1. Prepare the ingredients. The corn kernels are the particles peeled off from fresh corn, and they can be cleaned (children who don’t like corn kernels can leave it alone).

Pumpkin Corn Quinoa Milk Soup recipe

2. The quinoa is cleaned and then soaked in water for 1-2 hours. Cut off a piece from the top of the pumpkin, taking care to be complete.

Pumpkin Corn Quinoa Milk Soup recipe

3. Then put the lid on, put in a steamer filled with cold water, and steam directly for 20 minutes. After steaming, take it out carefully and let it cool on the cooling rack. Then the next step.

Pumpkin Corn Quinoa Milk Soup recipe

4. Carefully scoop out the inner pumpkin flesh with a spoon, and note that pumpkin seeds are not needed. Put the excavated pulp into the juice cup. Then add milk and beat into milk pumpkin puree.

Pumpkin Corn Quinoa Milk Soup recipe

5. The soaked quinoa is directly poured into the pot with the water for soaking the quinoa, pour the corn kernels, boil on high heat and turn to medium-low heat and cook for 10-15 minutes. Boil the quinoa until it sprouts and cook together with the corn kernels.

Pumpkin Corn Quinoa Milk Soup recipe

6. Scoop the cooked quinoa and corn kernels into the hollowed-out pumpkin cup.

Pumpkin Corn Quinoa Milk Soup recipe

7. Pour in the mashed milk and pumpkin puree. If there is too much puree, you can put it in a small bowl and steam it with the pumpkin cup. The steamed pumpkin paste is also delicious. Put it in a steamer (the pumpkin was steamed before, so it is hot water), do not need to cover, steam for 5 minutes.

Pumpkin Corn Quinoa Milk Soup recipe

8. Take it out after steaming, and you can eat it when it's warm for a while!

Pumpkin Corn Quinoa Milk Soup recipe


Note: 1. When the pumpkin is steamed, be careful not to dig through the pumpkin cup when digging the puree. Otherwise it will leak.
2. Children who don't like corn kernels can skip it.
3. Of course, if children are not used to eating quinoa, it is also good for adults!
I made this dish because my kid can accept the taste of quinoa, and she feels delicious after eating it! Low-fat and nutritious, her favorite!
4. Choose organic milk, such as Lehe. Store at room temperature. If you can't finish drinking it temporarily, you can refrigerate it. The baby loves to drink very much, and the milk has a strong flavor.


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