Pumpkin Eight Treasure Rice

Pumpkin Eight Treasure Rice

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Make pumpkin eight-treasure rice for the little cotton-padded jacket, sweet and so happy


Pumpkin Eight Treasure Rice

1. First wash the pumpkin and pry open a mouth to pay attention to the integrity of the prying, and then use a spoon to dig out the pumpkin seeds.

Pumpkin Eight Treasure Rice recipe

2. The glutinous rice and black rice are steamed in a pressure cooker and put in the sweet-scented osmanthus bean paste and white sugar, stir well, and then put it into the pumpkin one by one.

Pumpkin Eight Treasure Rice recipe

3. After filling, the pumpkin is full of black rice and glutinous rice. Cover the pumpkin cover

Pumpkin Eight Treasure Rice recipe

4. Put half a pot of water in the pot and steam for about 30 minutes.

Pumpkin Eight Treasure Rice recipe


1. Be patient when opening a pumpkin
2. You can steam the rice first and wait for the rice to ripen just to give the pumpkin an opening


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