Quanzhou Radish Rice

Quanzhou Radish Rice

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#罐头小厨#The Quanzhou radish rice, the warm man of the national cuisine, the entrance of the rice is distinct, the oily smell of the meat, the sweetness of the radish and the deliciousness of the sea oysters, I am afraid that 10 bowls are not enough to eat~


Quanzhou Radish Rice

1. Soak the dried food in warm water for more than 30 minutes in advance, peel and dice a small piece of white radish, peel and shred the red onion

Quanzhou Radish Rice recipe

2. Put 1 tablespoon of lard in a wok to heat, pour in shredded shallots, and fry slowly until the color is slightly browned

Quanzhou Radish Rice recipe

3. Add diced white radish, lard residue, and soaked dry goods (cut shiitake mushrooms into shreds), sauté until fragrant, sprinkle in salt and white pepper, and stir well, turn off the heat

Quanzhou Radish Rice recipe

4. Put the washed and soaked dragon rice into the rice cooker, then pour in the fried ingredients, press the cooking button, and serve after being cooked.

Quanzhou Radish Rice recipe

5. Heat in another pot, add 1 spoon of lard, soy sauce, sugar, white pepper, and a little water, stir evenly to make a sauce

Quanzhou Radish Rice recipe

6. Pour the sauce on the radish rice, sprinkle with fragrant pine, and enjoy

Quanzhou Radish Rice recipe


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