Dai's Secret Claypot Rice

Dai's Secret Claypot Rice

by Canned video

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The rice cooker gets everything done with Dai's secret claypot rice! The rice was wrapped in the fragrance of meat, and the hot breath fell on the face, and the saliva could not be controlled!


Dai's Secret Claypot Rice

1. 1 slice of wide-flavored sausage, put it in a frying pan, fry on low heat to get the fat, and then brush the fat on the inner wall of the rice cooker

Dai's Secret Claypot Rice recipe

2. Pour 3 cans of dragon rice, 3 cans of water into the rice cooker, and add a few drops of sesame oil

Dai's Secret Claypot Rice recipe

3. Beat 2 eggs, pour into the rice cooker, then pour shredded cabbage and sausage slices, press the cooking button to cook

Dai's Secret Claypot Rice recipe

4. Heat in a wok, add 1 spoon of lard, pour in 1 bowl of fresh sauce, add appropriate amount of ginger, sugar, green onion, sesame oil and mix well to make a sauce

Dai's Secret Claypot Rice recipe

5. Pour out a bowl of cooked claypot rice and drizzle with the sauce

Dai's Secret Claypot Rice recipe

6. Stir well and enjoy

Dai's Secret Claypot Rice recipe


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