by Mother Maizi

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So what is the new breakfast product called quilt rolls, the fried dough sticks are rolled in the egg crust, and the rolls in my house are all good things! The avocado and the Arctic sweet shrimp, it is not an exaggeration to call it the best quilt! If you buy ready-made quilt wrappers like me, then a nutritious breakfast can be done in 5 minutes!



1. Prepare ingredients avocado slices

Quilt recipe

2. The Arctic sweet shrimp peels off the shell, keep the yellow shrimp and squeeze a little lemon juice into the sweet shrimp to get rid of the fishy

Quilt recipe

3. Squeeze some lemon juice in the avocado, put the anti-oxidation ready-made egg crust in a pan and heat it until 2 sides are slightly browned, then take it out

Quilt recipe

4. Squeeze Thousand Island sauce first, then sprinkle pork floss, then put avocado slices and sweet shrimp

Quilt recipe

5. Roll up the egg skin lightly, you can eat directly or cut into small pieces

Quilt recipe


I bought the ready-made quilt wrapper, of course, the egg wrapper can be made by yourself, 2 eggs, 40 grams of starch, mix thoroughly


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