Sprite Noodles

Sprite Noodles

by Cai Cai Food Diary

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Teacher Huang Lei’s noodles are really delicious, but I upgraded it


Sprite Noodles

1. Shred cucumbers, carrots, and egg skins

Sprite Noodles recipe

2. Add chopped green onion, minced garlic, and chili noodles to a bowl, drizzle with hot oil, add two spoons of vinegar, two spoons of Sprite, one spoon of chili, one spoon of sesame paste, one spoon of white sesame, stir well and set aside

Sprite Noodles recipe

3. Put the noodles in the pot, cook and remove, and let cool water if possible

Sprite Noodles recipe

4. Put the carrot shreds in the pot and scald for 30 seconds to pick up

Sprite Noodles recipe

5. Pour the sauce on the noodles, sprinkle some cooked peanuts, stir well and start eating

Sprite Noodles recipe


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