Boat Congee

Boat Congee

by Soft blue crystal

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Dingzai porridge is one of the famous traditional snacks in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. It is said to be made on Dingzai floating on the river, hence the name. It is made by adding various ingredients such as fish fillets and fried peanuts to the porridge.
There are so many ingredients in it, it's satisfying to eat a bowl, there will be ingredients with different tastes in a bowl of porridge, and the taste is very special.
My mother didn't like to drink porridge before, but she should have never drank this kind of special porridge. Because she usually cooks porridge, it is just plain rice porridge, so she doesn't like it. After tasting Ting Tsai porridge this time, I even said it was delicious. After all, it was the first time I tasted it. Looking at my mother's appetite, I also feel very happy!


Boat Congee

1. After washing the rice, add a little oil and mix well.

Boat Congee recipe

2. Add sea rice and water and soak for half an hour.

Boat Congee recipe

3. Set the program and start the porridge cooking program after half an hour of appointment.
After two hours, the porridge will be cooked automatically. The rice grains have bloomed.

Boat Congee recipe

4. At this time, start the porridge cooking program. In order to facilitate heating, the shredded pork and squid marinated with cooking wine and pepper must be put in.

Boat Congee recipe

5. Add shrimp marinated in cooking wine.

Boat Congee recipe

6. Put the thin slices of fish in and cook for a few minutes until the ingredients are cooked.

Boat Congee recipe

7. Finally, add salt and ginger shreds. Put the spread egg skins, fried peanuts, spring onions, and fried dough sticks inside.

Boat Congee recipe


1. The ingredients must be fresh to taste good.
2. The fishy ingredients should be marinated with cooking wine in advance.


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