Qushi Sijun Soup

Qushi Sijun Soup

by Topo Create NX

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In Guangdong in late spring and early summer, there were sometimes heavy rains and thunderstorms, sometimes sweltering, humid and hot. In this environment, people are particularly susceptible to heavy moisture.

The ancients said that "thousand colds are easy to get rid of, but wetness is hard to get rid of." Many chronic diseases in the human body are related to dampness: dampness combined with cold to become cold and damp, combined with heat to become damp-heat, combined with wind to become rheumatism, etc., so you must not underestimate these dampness.

Generally experienced old Chinese doctors will recommend diet therapy to dispel dampness. Commonly known ingredients for dispelling dampness are barley, chixiaodou, and tuckahoe.

However, Chinese medicine emphasizes strengthening the spleen and promoting dampness. The damp pathogens in the body rely on the spleen and stomach to be transported and transformed into body fluid and infused throughout the body. If the spleen and stomach is dysfunctional in transporting and transforming water and the spleen loses its health, the water will be transformed into water wetness. Therefore, if you want to get a good effect on removing dampness, you must strengthen the spleen and stomach at the same time.

Today, Xiaopu recommends the four-jun soup for removing dampness. It uses ingredients for removing dampness and also invigorates the spleen and stomach. It is an enhanced version of the dampness-removing diet.


Qushi Sijun Soup

1. Prepare the ingredients;

Qushi Sijun Soup recipe

2. Rinse the ingredients with clean water, drain them, and put them in the tea drain of the health pot;

Qushi Sijun Soup recipe

3. Pour an appropriate amount of water into the pot, be careful not to exceed the max line to prevent overflow, and gently press the tea drain on the lid;

Qushi Sijun Soup recipe

4. Close the lid and select the boiling water function after power on;

Qushi Sijun Soup recipe

5. Add appropriate amount of brown sugar to the cooked Sijunzi soup while it is hot;

Qushi Sijun Soup recipe

6. After stirring until melted, it is ready to drink.

Qushi Sijun Soup recipe


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